Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pirates love mutton!

Pirates love mutton with rum t' wash it down!
Monday ol' farmer goes into town.
Tuesday th' butcher carves up th' meat.
Wednesday he hangs it on butcher street.
Thursday th' tinker fashions a pot.
Friday th' hangman ties his last knot.
Saturday th' baker bakes his last bread.
Sunday  th' priest will bury th' dead!
For th' pirates have come t' pillage th' town,
n' eat all th' mutton with rum t' wash it down!

Avast ye bilge rats, Blue Gryphon here, ramblin' on with word silliness and a pastoral scene created in me favorite 3D software, Vue Infinite, by e-on Software. I created this scene as an excuse to use a low polygon model of a Sheep that I created using Pixelogic's, Sculptris Alpha 6, a free 3D modeling tool. The mesh is rather low on detail since I didn't spend a lot of time on it and banged it out in half an hour. I could probably have just painted one in Photoshop but I wanted something that I could easily change the point of view or perspective on quickly. Leave a comment if t makes ye feel better!

Blue Gryphon. Happy plundering to ye!


  1. I knew you'd do a sheeep worthy of a pirate!
    Completely awesome! (Like all your work!)
    Thanks for playing sheepies with us! :)

    1. Thank you fer the kind words, Foxmorton!

  2. What a wonderful ode to the sheep!

  3. Not for the faint of heart.........

  4. Oi! Write somethin' new ye Blaggard!
    Has been 4 months since this last sheepish miracle, ye lazy pirate!

    So sayeth Foxmorton
    Pirate Girl

  5. Nag, nag, nag! I gets round t' it when I gets round t' it! Workin' on somethin' right now.... Hold yer water, wench!